AutoDrive Challenge Newsletter- December Issue

Date: February 6 & 7
Location: SAE International, Warrendale PA
What: AutoDrive Challenge sponsors will be onsite here in Warrendale to host technical skillshops for a two-day workshop. Teams will have the opportunity to learn and engage with each sponsor session as well as have a dedicated mapping session with David Craig. 10 students will be able to attend; start thinking about who should come!

Registration will be starting on Dec 17th!

AWIM Learn Twice Initiative

Did you know your Collegiate Design Series team could be rewarded with a $3,000 sponsorship for participating in AWIM's Learn Twice Initiative?
AWIM has two great new programs that could be used in a classroom near you!

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Document Deadlines

Year 3 Safety Updates- Due January 30, 2020. Document Deadlines Don't forget you can also view the schedule on the App!

SAE Memberships & Team Affiliations

It is required that ALL team members have an SAE Student membership and are properly affiliated to the team at Please download the team affiliation guide for assistance located in your SAE series resources.