AutoDrive Challenge II - Onsite Day 1

6/5/2022 11:49:50 PM ET   SAE AutoDrive Challenge Series

Hello, AutoDrive Challenge II Teams!!

Welcome to Ann Arbor -- we are thrilled to welcome you to Mcity for our Year 1 competition. I wanted to share a couple event details as we head into Day 1.

First - for teams who are presenting their static events early tomorrow, if you are going early tomorrow morning for the Concept Design Event or MathWorks Simulation Challenge it is not critical for your entire team to arrive onsite at Mcity together. All event participants are expected to take the shuttle over to Mcity and if you are staying behind at the DoubleTree to present in statics your first stop when you arrive onsite should be in the main tent to visit our registration table. This is where you'll complete your covid waiver.

Second - if you have equipment you did not ship to Mcity which needs to come to your paddock space, each team is allowed to drive their personal vehicles to the event site to drop off at the paddock tent. The event site opens at 730am and you may arrive then. I ask if you plan to do this to have everything unloaded as quickly and as close to 730am as possible due to safety concerns re: moving vehicles and pedestrians. There are two large tents at Mcity. One is the main tent, the other is the paddock. The paddock map is updated in the ADC app, in case you need help finding which space belongs to your team. It is obvious which tent is which, so I don't anticipate teams having issues distinguishing them from one another. It is absolutely critical your vehicles are removed from the event site as soon as possible after unloading. There is no parking at Mcity. You will be permitted to drive vehicles back to Mcity on Saturday to retrieve your equipment. Personal vehicles are not permitted onsite at any other time.

Third - I apologize for any discrepancies in the handbook schedule. I've received several questions asking for clarification specifically on the Concept Design Event. Originally, this event was going to take place only on Monday, however the Event Captains asked we hold it on both Monday and Tuesday. The static events schedule per team in the handbook is accurate, and is what you should use to plan for your time. Please ensure you have downloaded the latest version of the student handbook from Series Resources. Spectators are welcome at the Concept Design Event -- so please feel free to join us as spectators if you are able.

Thanks, and again we are so thrilled to have you here!
zp & The AutoDrive Challenge II Organizing Team