SAE Covid Risk Mitigation and Covid Liability Waiver

1/19/2022 1:52:16 PM ET   SAE AutoDrive Challenge Series

As we continue to face Covid-19 around the country and world, SAE International University Programs released today their SAE Covid Risk Mitigation Plan and Covid Liability Waiver documents which are to serve as a foundation for onsite operations for both Collegiate Design Series (CDS) and Emerging Technology Series (ETS) competitions. These documents can be found online under Series Resources within the 'SAE International' & 'Covid Operation Documents' folders.

The Risk Mitigation Plan outlines how SAE International plans to operate based on successful experiences from the 2021 competition season. Each CDS or ETS competition location may publish an addendum for onsite operational changes required in compliance with state or venue restrictions. This information will be published in Series Resources as well as pushed through series app notifications if applicable.

The Covid Liability Waiver will continue to be required for all individuals in attendance. Every person in attendance is expected to read the waiver to ensure they meet the legal qualifications to attend the event. Everyone planning to attend is encouraged to print copies of the Covid Liability Waiver in advance to be completed prior to arriving. Signed waivers will be required daily for all attendees, volunteers, sponsors, and spectators.

SAE looks forward to continuing to offer engaging student programming in 2022 with more onsite operations this year. We thank you in doing your part to ensure our events are safe for all in attendance.