NEW - Inbox Feature!

4/3/2024 1:08:54 PM ET   SAE AutoDrive Challenge Series

SAE is very excited to announce that starting today there is a brand new inbox feature on to help improve upon communication overall!

What is it?

Introducing our brand new communication feature embedded within our competition websites. Any notification that you currently receive via email from will now populate within the inbox area in addition to your email.

Where can I access it?

When you log in to your account on you can find the inbox in the top navigation bar on the left. There is a small bell notification icon along with a number indicator of how many messages you currently have unread in your inbox.

What is it used for?

Below is a list of communication types that will be leveraged with this new feature.

  • Messages from SAE related to your program
  • Affiliation Requests/Rejections
  • Missing Document Submission Reminders
  • Rules Q/A Updates
  • Messages from Connected Sponsors
  • RFP Submission Status/Updates
  • LearnTwice Hours Approved/Rejected
  • LearnTwice Registration Approved/Rejected

Note: You will NOT get notifications for news posts in this area unless directly messaged to you from an SAE rep. Definitely still make sure you have your notifications turned on for the mobile app to combat this/make sure you're getting the most up to date news for your program.

How can I update my preferences?

When you click on your inbox in the navigation bar, you will be redirected to the Inbox & My Preferences area. In the top left, click 'My Preferences'. Here you can update what you wish to have inbox and/or email notifications for. Please think carefully before updating - you don't want to miss any important notifications like missing document submissions!

Note: Even if you turn off notifications for both, you will still receive the message in your inbox area - it just won't have a number indicator that visually flags a new notification for you.


Reach out to us at [email protected] with any questions you may have about this new feature.