AutoDrive Challenge II Updates 4/7/2023

4/7/2023 9:28:04 AM ET   SAE AutoDrive Challenge Series

Hello, AutoDrive Challenge II Teams -

Please review the updates below regarding Open Source Software, a name change for Ushr, and a reminder to sign up for Strengths Coaching!

Open Source Software Disclosure Form now available - see note from organizers:

Dear Teams,

As we communicated during the Winter Workshop, we would like to facilitate the understanding of Open Source Software usage by teams and encourage conversations about future rules in the Autodrive Challenge. Therefore, we kindly ask that teams voluntarily disclose the list of Open Source Software they use in their software system. Although this disclosure will not be scored this year, it will provide a good foundation for the rules committee to understand what future requirements regarding open source software usage should look like. We encourage teams to try their best to complete and report the information honestly and completely. For your convenience, we have uploaded a template to General Motors -> OSS Disclosure. If you have any questions, please report them to the rules portal. You can submit the OSS Disclosure form on the typical document submission location before the start of the competition in June. The document submission is set to close on 6/1 at 11:59:59 PM, but please consider submitting earlier!

Best of luck in Year 2's competition!

Frank, Spencer & Alex

Updated Name - Ushr is now Dynamic Map Platform North America, Inc. or "DMP NA" and new files are available for Mcity and University Tracks!

Effective 2/1 Ushr has changed their company name to be Dynamic Map Platform North America, Inc. You will see their name be updated across our platform to reflect this exciting change! Please plan accordingly.

Also, worth noting the updated dump files for Mcity and each university track have been uploaded in the ADC Data Analysis Center. Please check them out!

Strengths Coaching

Students are still welcome to sign up for individual coaching w/ our consultants from Wyld Leadership. Please visit to sign up for a coaching session!