Updates from Cepton

3/22/2022 5:01:35 PM ET   SAE AutoDrive Challenge Series

Hello, AutoDrive Challenge™ II Teams -

We have several announcements from Cepton.

1.) We have updated series resources with updated instructions for purchasing product directly from Cepton. Additionally, you will now see you have on-demand access to the previous webinars. This can all be found under "Cepton" in series resources.

2.) There will be a webinar covering the Cepton Nova product offering on 3/30 at 12:30pm EST. I have forwarded the event invitation to all of the ADCII Advisors at your schools and they can share with you and your teams. The Nova is a new product Cepton is offering for purchase to teams at a reduced price which will integrate nicely with the X90 unit you’ll utilize in years 2-4.

3.) Cepton recently encountered an issue where one of the teams sheared off four of the pins on the unit. Please handle these units with the utmost care and finesse. This was something they have never seen occur with one of their units before. It is your responsibility to maintain the equipment provided to you and damaged units are not something that can be replaced free of charge. There is an image attached of the damaged unit for reference.