AutoDrive Challenge II Rules Reminder

6/9/2022 6:15:30 PM ET   SAE AutoDrive Challenge Series

Attention AutoDrive Challenge II Teams -

The Organizing Committee has been made aware of concerns regarding the possibility of one or more rules violations from teams at the Year 1 Competition. To this effect, we wish to draw your attention to Rule RC.5.9 -- Spirit of the Competition, which states:

The AutoDrive Challenge™ II is intended to be a new competition independent from the inaugural AutoDrive Challenge™ I competition. Teams are expected to utilize the current suite of products, technological solutions, software, and services being provided. Teams who participated in AutoDrive Challenge™ I are prohibited from recycling software and equipment from AutoDrive Challenge™ I.

As a reminder, Rule OC.6.2 -- Understanding the Rules states:

Teams, team members as individuals, and faculty advisors are responsible for reading and understanding the rules in effect for the competition.