AutoDrive Challenge II RFP FAQ'S

Q.) How do I affiliate to my team on

A.) How to Affiliate

Q.) How do I create an account on

A.) First create an account and then connect to your RFP**

Q.) How do I connect to my RFP if I have an existing account on

A.) Connect to your RFP**

Q.) Who do I contact if I have any questions during this process?

A.) Allison Hostetler Email: [email protected]

Q.) When does the RFP officially open? **

A.) September 1. 2020

Q.) Will COVID-19 affect the onsite portion of the RFP process at General Motors?

A.) Due to COVID-19 we have made a modification to the GM event in November. We will be cancelling the ADAS in-person challenge for AutoDrive Challengeā„¢ II team members. For the Faculty Advisor Interviews we will be scheduling a WebEx Meeting with each advisor on the submitted proposal to conduct this portion of the process.